Journey to a Distant Land

A Journey to a Distant Land



This summer I had the privilege to journey to the United Kingdom with a group of women on a pilgrimage to sacred sites. We had opportunity and luxury to walk on the land together and alone, soaking up the ambience and history of the land. Being in new places helps me to shift into present time and allows me to be more aware of my surroundings drinking in the sights and sounds that are offered to my five senses. I really noticed the flowers, trees, grasses, and all the beauty that was provided by Mother Earth. When we are in our familiar routine it can be more challenging to just be on our own land, as we are inundated with schedules commitments and deadlines.

It was wonderful to explore the land of my ancestors in the United Kingdom discovering ancient stone circles, and walking the stone walls that line the moors, and visiting the ruins of castles and Abbeys. Walking in these places where others build their dreams in the form of a castle or created intentional stone markers for the final resting place for their bones, gave me a new appreciation for the journey we make as humans upon this earth plane.

Our stories are different and we may have lived in different time periods but there is also a commonality we share with the ancients, we have a desire to explore the wonder and mystic of this life we live. Standing in the center of Stonehenge, which continues to be a mystery today with all our technology we really do not know how or why this magnificent structure was build. It continues to be enigmatic standing tall and strong confusing, delighting and intriguing us in our modern world.

In all of the places we visited the Camelot mound, the church yards full of Celtic crosses, and ancient Yew trees you could feel the whispers of the history and stories.

It gave me pause to consider what legacy I want to leave from my journey here on earth, the beauty of my garden, songs that I love to sing, adventures I want to be a part of. Getting clear about our life journey can unfold in many ways and of course it helps to have support along the way. We are so fortunate in Kamloops area to have so many wonderful opportunities for meditation, yoga, and healing modalities. For me meditation and singing sacred songs, helps me to connect to the energy of our land and remember my journeys to distant lands. I invite you to join me this fall for some of my Sacred Circles where we will journey and sing songs which will help you to connect to your soul songs.

My wish for you this day is that you enjoy your journeys where ever they may take you.

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