Opening your Heart Space

Opening your Heart Space

Angel Wing

Recently while working with a client the message came through that when we open our heart space anything is possible, healing, love, and clarity. I have been pondering on this since then and what that can mean for us in the day to day encounters we have with friends, family, and in our relationship our community, and ultimately the world. Many of us have heard the words listen to your heart and not your head. But what does this really mean? In a world where we are plugged in to the world of technology, phones, internet, television, and the list is getting longer for our choices for technological engagement. All of these technological choices are surely head stuff so in this milieu how do we get into our hearts, and if we are in our hearts would we even recognize it as authentic and not someone else’s voice or thoughts?

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  • White Buffalo Calf Woman The Power of Ceromony 2017 +

    White Buffalo Calf Woman

    The power of Ceremony

    Published Sedona August 2017


    I see a vision of tall prairie grass swaying in the wind. I feel the breeze on my face, cleansing and clearing my muddled mind. I walk and breathe in, the blue sky, grass, and the sweet nectar of Mother Earth. I notice a huge white buffalo standing upon the landscape, I walk toward the buffalo and stand in aw, as I gaze upon this magnificent animal, I

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