What is Shamanic Healing

sink-holeWhat is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanism iis an opportunity for direct revelation, and the path of the wounded healer the idea being to track and be aware of your own shadow pieces as a healer so when you are working with a client you are not tracking your shadow. I have embraced the beautiful teachings of the Quero in Peru and have seen transformations in my personal life, and the clients I serve.

When a client comes to see me I explain that I will ask spirit for guidance as we go into the Shamanic Journey to release stress and hucha.

Hucha is the word the Quero in Peru use for heavy dense energy such as worry, guilt, and fear, there is not judgment on this energy only an invitation to release what no longer serves us on our journey. I begin the session with prayers and opening sacred space and guiding the client to place of stillness so they can release and let go.

This is the first step for any healing session to release; this is supported by the breath, intention, focus, and availability.

The first prayers are to Pacha Mama, Mother Earth, giving gratitude for the food we eat the clothes we wear, I ask Mother Earth to hold us gently and sweetly as we do this sacred work.

I then go to the East the land of the rising sun, and call Father Sun thanking him for the heat, light and love which shines upon the earth and allows us to make our journey on this planet. Without this light and heat we could not exist on this earth, we truly are children of the light. I call to the archetypes in the east the eagle, condor, and hawk and ask them to help us to see our world from a different perspective, to fly wing to wing with them.

  I then direct my prayers to the Zenith and call to the Angels, arch angels, ascended masters, and Great Spirit and Mountain spirits.

Angel Wing

Turning to the West the land of the dying sun, and I invite in the archetypes of the bear and Jaguar. I ask for these beautiful ones to support us in dying to the old, so that we can be reborn, to show us the way across the rainbow bridge, to become rainbow warriors.

I then go to the South the archetype here is the serpent, Sacha mama, this archetype is known as Mother of the Waters, and helps us with fluidity in our bodies, and the invitation here is to shed old stories that no longer serve us.

The last directions I call in is the North and here the archetypes are the buffalo, humming bird, and grandmothers and grand fathers. The Buffalo is the promise of abundance, and the power of prayer, the humming bird, makes the impossible journey for South America to North America and so she can support us in our journey on this earth. The humming bird also can teach us to drink directly from the sweet nectar of life as seamlessly and easily as she drinks from the flowers. The Grandmothers and Grandfathers provided the wisdom and clarity from our personal lineage, and from the lineage of the Quero of Peru, and the first people of this land.

As I called in sacred space with my rattle and voice I feel the room fill up with support from Spirit, The rattle is an old sound and as we connect to this sound it helps us to release our stress. The prayers and invocations benefits the client, as it gives them an opportunity to hear the prayers and prepare themselves, to go into a relaxed state. As I say the prayers I am preparing get my logical mind out of the way and make room for the wisdom of spirit. Working with in this way is a partnership, of trust between the client, me, and spirit, and I want to ensure I call in, the highest light, love and truth.

It is always a delight for me to lead the client through the opportunity to release, I do this by inviting them to imagine they are sitting by a turquoise colored lagoon, here I encourage the client to release their hucha into the lagoon, through the power of their breath.

The image of the lagoon came to me for clients after my third trip to Peru when we hiked to 14,000 feet and were taken to a turquoise Jaguar lagoon and invited to release our fears and worries into the pond. We were told that medicine men and women had been coming to this place to re set for hundreds of years. Releasing is the first step to a healing as it allows us to release before we can receive. Imagine that a glass is full we need to release before we can put more water into the glass.

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The second step for healing is to balance the body, mind and soul this puts the body into a place of receptivity to receive life force into their being. I guide the client to imagine there is a boat waiting for them by the lagoon, to get in the boat and get as comfortable as they can. Once in the boat they envision the boat taking them to a crystal clear river, here I encourage them to allow the boat and the river to hold them and go into a place of allowing their breath to be like a river of light, with no decisions to make, complete relaxation.

When I feel that the client is in a deep state of receptivity I then guide them to a sandy beach, to get out of the boat, feel the sand beneath their feet. I invite the client to turn to the beach and here I see the spirit guide that desires to show themselves to me for the client. This moment in the session for me is always incredible I am completely captivated by the images, emotions, and overall magnificence that has been are gifted from spirit for the client. Many times I feel overwhelmed and tears come to my eyes to be in the presence of such wonder, and unconditional love. From here the session continues with the guidance from the clients personal Spirit Guide.

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