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Working as a spiritual consultant I have noticed one of the most prevalent questions that arises from clients is why we came to this life time, how we can make a difference in the world. The answers to these questions that come through from Spirit are always full of love and are often simplistic; it is only our minds that make our life journey more complicated.copy of hiking 2012 fall 006

Each of you has chosen your own unique way to make a difference and are asked to trust that living your life with the highest light, love and truth creates an energy that supports the whole.

You may be a school teacher supporting young children, a grandmother who loves her grandchildren, a farmer who grows food or a father working away from home, to support his family. Whatever your role, spirit encourages you to honor yourselves and trust that we make a difference by the everyday choices made.

As we look for answers to why the world struggles with sadness, war, fear, and hatred, the simple truth is we can make a difference in the world just by living our lives in an ordinary way. The earth is proceeding with a fragile balance and is affected by the choices and decisions that are being made each day by the humans who walk upon her belly.

Every day we make choices, your voice can be used to gossip and tear down each other or inspire your fellow mankind. Your eyes can find beauty or focus on the ugly side of life. You can choose to listen to the song birds or the internal voice of criticism, the choices you make create the reality you are creating and extend to your destiny, and you are manifesting your life journey with each thought word and deed. Spirit always suggests we envision a life full of love, kindness and peace, beginning today to create that life with your intention and attention to the small details no matter how mundane.

Notice your internal dialogue do you use language that uplifts your confidence and self-love, or are you critical of each decision and move you make.

Do you trust in the universe to provide you with enough abundance, to sustain your life or are you constantly micromanaging each step you and your family take. All of these small choices make a difference they are the seeds you are planting for the life you desire to live.


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