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Take some time to connect to your Inner Wisdom and Strength, together we can reconnect for you through direct revelation.

Step into the Magic of your Life

Spiritual Consultations: A private consultation can be done on the phone or in person. Imagine you can connect to your wise adviser and hear the words of wisdom and clarity just for you! That is what a private Spiritual Consultation offers

Medium: Connecting with  loved ones can be healing and allow for forgiveness, closure and acceptance. I have been connecting for families since 1998 and I am amazed at the messages of love and healing a reading like this can offer.Magic1

Shamanic Healing: Shamanic healing is an ancient and powerful way to shift negative patterns and energy that may be inhibiting you from moving forward.These healing modalities are thousands of years old and can support your healed state.This may include Soul Retrieval, Chakra Cleansing, or releasing old patterns in your life. Shamanic healing works at an energetic level so you can release old stories.

Past Life Awareness: Through connecting with Spirit Therese can track your past lives, with the awareness of these life times we can work with Spirit to give us clarity on what karma or patterns  we may have brought to this life time, working together Therese will support you in releasing the karma to move forward in this life.

A Spiritual consultation including energy healing work can be done on the phone or in person:

Investment for session    $120.0

Upcoming Workshops for 2017

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Coming Home to your Medicine Bundle:

A mastery course Saturday September 9 5:00pm ~ 9:00pm Sunday September 10 2017  9:30 ~ 5:00pm for anyone with a Mesa or medicine bundle and an opportuinty to go deep into the rich Medicine work together.

Medicine Woman Series: An in depth 4 part series desinge for women to facilitate thier empowerment beginning October 2017

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  Kind thoughts


Dear Therese

Our session was priceless!  I enjoyed speaking with you and my angels.  I learned a lot about who I really am from a higher perspective.  

Hello Therese

I wanted to just say thank you for showing me the light. Yesterday was fantastic and I sure love your teachings. You are gentle and kind and so compassionate. You have given me my own light to shine and I see it now. I so look forward to learning new things this coming year. I am so grateful for everything that you have done and helped me so much along the way



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Sedona Channeling

  • Merlin Creating the Life you Desire July 2017 +

    Creating the Life you Desire


    Published Sedona Journal of Emergence

    July 2017

    Merlin 2017

    I invite you to walk with me down a well-trodden pathway that leads us to an enormous Oak tree with roots that dig deep into the Mother Earth and above us is a huge canopy of leaves extending towards the heavens. Sitting under the tree is Merlin, and he has a huge smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes. He winks at us and

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