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Spiritual Consultations: A private consultation can be done on the phone or in person. Imagine you can connect to your wise adviser and hear the words of wisdom and clarity just for you! That is what a private Spiritual Consultation offers, as Therese channels the wisdom from your Spirit Helpers.

Medium: Connecting with  loved ones can be healing and allow for forgiveness, closure and acceptance. I have been connecting for families since 1998 and I am amazed at the messages of love and healing a reading like this can offer.

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Shamanic Healing: Shamanic healing is an ancient and powerful way to shift negative patterns and energy that may be inhibiting you from moving forward. These healing modalities are thousands of years old and can support your healed state. This may include Soul Retrieval, Chakra Cleansing, or releasing old patterns in your life. Shamanic healing works at an energetic level so you can release old stories.

Past Life Awareness: Through connecting with Spirit Therese can track your past lives, with the awareness of these life times we can work with Spirit to give us clarity on what karma or patterns  we may have brought to this life time, working together Therese will support you in releasing the karma to move forward in this life

Consultations are all being done on the phone at this time Thank you

Investment for phone session    $120.0

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White Buffalo Calf Woman

Celebrate Nature and Receive the Rainbow Light

Published Sedona Journal

June 2021

white buffalo calf woman daniel eskridge 

The vision I see is an open prairie landscape with tall grass gently swaying in the summer breeze. On the horizon is a beautiful rainbow archway extending over the land; the air is moist and humid after a light rain. Emerging from the rainbow light is White Buffalo Calf Woman and she asks each of you to hold out the palms of your hands and she offers you the gifs of rainbow light.  

 White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks:

Welcome rainbow light warriors I ask you to focus and trust in your journey forward your intention and availability is needed upon the planet in these changing times. Your Mother Earth is in labour and it may feel as though you can feel the contractions of the birthing. This may show up as huge emotional turmoil as the energy gets intense upon the planet as you and your earth mother is experience the re-setting. You will also notice the calm between the intense energies very like a mother giving birth to a baby and the pause in the contractions. There is ebb and flow upon the Mother Earth as the re-set occurs and the birth of a new awareness and a new consciousness is being born within you all.

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