Master Kuthumi Holds you in the Light

Master Kuthumi Holds You in the Light


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Published August 2019 Sedona


The vision I see is of an open landscape and striding towards me is Master Kuthumi with his hands out stretched and a huge smile on his face. I feel his wisdom and love as he enfolds us in light/love/ and truth.

Master Kuthumi Speaks:

Welcome all who choose to read these words, I am here for you and my love is unwavering. I have chosen to be here on this side of the veil to support, love and embrace you and I am steadfast in my love for you. I know from walking in the human body and living numerous human lives that doubt, worry and concern are a daily struggle. I now have the privilege of seeing life from both sides of the veil and to support each of you I am committed to hold you in the love, light and truth as you make your journey upon the Earth.

My words at the beginning of this talk are intentional, “to all who choose to read these words”, you have free choice upon the earth and you can choose many different pathways. The pathways you choose create the experiences and knowledge gleaned from each life time, and all of this is held for you by your soul source. Your soul source is a compilation of each life time and all you have experienced in each life time.

Choosing how you co-create is the freedom and challenge of the earthly journey. I understand that many of you do not feel you have free choice but I would say that you are more powerful than you think. The power of free choice can begin with the power of your thoughts, which are much more important than you may realize.


You are co-creators:

To begin the awareness of how you can co-create the world you are experiencing I encourage you to begin each day by noticing your thoughts at the moment of coming into consciousness from your sleep time. Be aware if you are you critical of yourself or of others, notice if you are invested in fear of the future or regret of the past. Each morning you have an opportunity to re-set and begin a new day a new dawn. I ask you to take a moment to breathe deeply the love that is there for you.

All through the night the star people and angelic realms wash the land and your personal light body clean as you sleep, and at the moment of dawn the world is full of love and light. I encourage you to take a moment at this powerful time of new dawn to allow in the highest light, highest love and highest truth, to your body, mind, and spirit. This will set up your day, and then throughout your day you will be more aware of your thought patterns, that create your reality.

These simple and yet insightful realizations will support you in all aspects of your lives. I have noticed that for some of you that you are addicted to the drama in your lives and choose to hold on to old stories of hurt and lack.

To move forward it is imperative that you release that which no longer serves you and allow your vision to clear, breathe deeply and move forward with joy and love.

You are Masters in training

The act of forgiveness for yourself and others is the act of a Master in training. In past lives many of you were initiates of the mystery schools.

You were fully immersed in the power of forgiveness, the strength in unconditional love, and you had self-awareness of the infiniteness of your soul source. Your time in the mystery schools was a time of complete immersion and it was easier for you to embrace the teachings.

Now you have returned to the earth once again, and you are asked to do the same work of enlightenment while living with the mundane of everyday living, you are not shielded by a cloister atmosphere. You are being asked to recognize and remember that you Masters of the light.

We are aware that you are working toward ascension and desire to achieve peace on earth and connect to the highest realms of consciousness. I come forth today to assure you this is possible in the time upon the earth, you are only asked to remember who you truly are.

The suggestions I am making for each of you are simple but not easily embraced and not always supported by the status quo that you live with each day. It may feel like you are swimming against the main stream, but I encourage each of you to trust in your journey here and all that you brought with you into this life time.


Master Kuthumi offers a prayer:

I offer you this prayer to support your body, mind and spirit as you go forth in your journey of life.


I _____ (your name) ask for the highest light to fill my body now

I _____(your name) ask for the highest truth to fill my mind now

I _______(your name) ask for the highest love to flow from my soul source now


Please trust as you say these words I am here for you my support and my love is eternal.

I am Master Kuthumi


Brought forth by Therese Dorer

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