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Quan Yin

Predictions for Sedona Journal of Emergence


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I walk down a pathway of white smooth stones, which leads me to a garden gate, a beautiful white trellis covered in roses of all colours, pink, yellow, white, and red. Standing in the entrance of the garden is Quan Yin, her hands outstretched her palms extended upwards, and emanating from hands there is a pale pink light.


Quan Yin Speaks:

The world is transforming:

Welcome to all who choose to enter into this sacred garden of transformation.

You are in a time of huge transformation upon your beautiful planet earth you call home, and I have come forth today to encourage and support you as you go forward in the time you call 2019.

I remind you that time is something that is only relevant on the Earth plane and here in this dimension from where I speak there is no time, in its place there is fluidity, love, and pulsating life force energy.

I speak of this to encourage you to remember that your soul source energy resides on this dimension and it is where you have come from. It is important not to get too caught up in the idea of time; there is no urgency in the transformation of the earth and her populace. There is a natural progression that is unfolding and you dearest ones are an integral part of this unfolding and changing times upon earth.

River of Life


You choose to enter the river of life as a human with a body and mental structure, this choice came from your higher self. You made this choice from the soul source that is you, which encompasses the highest light, highest truth, and highest love, and the wisdom from every life incarnation upon this planet and other reality’s you may have no conscious memory of.

To support all aspects of your journey forward I would encourage you to connect directly to this magnificent part of your being and allow that love, light and truth to enfold you and support you. One of the steps you can take to support yourself is to connect to your breath, this will always connect you to your spirit, when you intentionally breathe deeply it supports your body and your mind.

Focus on Your Well-Being:

Moving forward into 2019 you are asked to focus on your well-being pay attention to your body and your bodies’ health. Notice what foods you feed your body, allow for enough time for rest and drinking water. This may sound like mundane suggestions but your bodies are connected to the Mother Earth and as she is going through huge transformations so is each of you. Your bodies are changing their vibration as they adjust to the new energies that are flooding the planet, so extreme care and self-love for your bodies will allow you a smoother transition. Each of you is holds the light for yourselves, but also for the planet and for many others who reside upon the earth.

I ask you to be aware of the thoughts you send to yourself, the self-talk you engage in, notice if you are kind and loving to yourself or harsh and judgemental of your actions and choices.

Please be aware of the thoughts you send out into the world, they make a difference to the grid of the planet. Notice when you send out loving thoughts and prayers, or if you are sending out fear and judgement. I remind you that each of you is a co-creator and much more powerful than you can ever imagine, so each of you makes a difference in the transformation of the planet.

You came here for a reason:


It was a glorious day when you said yes to coming into human form my dearest ones, there was a celebration as you made your way into the earth plane. I ask you to trust that you are meant to be here, the exact age you are, the gender you choose, your skin colour, the culture you were born into. Every detail of your life was orchestrated from the highest realms and you dearest hearts are loved for saying yes.

There are some of you that choose a more difficult road than others, you may have experienced some challenges some hurts and sadness on your journey. Please know you have never been alone with these challenges, and you will never be alone we walk with you each step of the way. I ask you to intentionally ask for our support in your life journey, we are here to assist no matter how big or small the request is.

The veil of forgetfulness:

The veil of forgetfulness is one that is a mixed blessing. When you choose to incarnate into this human reality you crossed through the veil of forgetfulness and you forgot your magnificence and the magnitude of your power and strength. You are now being called to remember, recall who you are in the full glory of your being. When you can accept this truth it supports you to create the life you desire, and it takes the fear away from the unknown of the life journey.

It is from this place of empowerment that you can support your family, friends, community and ultimately the Mother Earth as she transforms. You can remember who you are and embrace a new vision for the earth and her populace.

Walk through the garden gate:


Come walk through the garden gate let your spiritual garden be full of love, joy and kindness. For 2019 I ask you to shower yourself with self-love and joy, and then as the sweet nectar of this surrounds you it will flow from you to your external world. This will support the world and her populace in the transformation that is occurring upon your planet at this time. I ask you to imagine this garden gate, the trellis and allow yourself to feel my love as you take your first step into your garden and plant the seeds of intention for 2019. What do you wish to grow in this garden for this coming year for your trip around the sun? I encourage you to plant seeds of self-love, joy, and abundance of health. Plant these seeds deep in the rich loam and then take time to nurture these intentions with affirmations.

Suggested affirmations for 2019

I ( your name) Love myself

I (your name) Trust myself

I ( your name) Honor myself

I ( your name) open my heart to receive the highest light/ love/ truth this day


It is with blessings upon you I leave you now but your need only call my name and I will be there with you.

I am Quan Yin goddess of compassion and mercy


Brought Through Therese Dorer

Sedona Journal of Emergence - Published Articles

Master Kuthumi

Changing Times


Published Sedona June 2020

 Master Kuthumijpg 2019

I see a beautiful temple of marble stone mirrored in a reflecting pond. Standing at the entrance to the temple is Master Kuthumi with his arms outstretched and the palms of his hands upstretched to greet each of us.

 Master Kuthumi Speaks:

Welcome children of the earth! It is with peace and understanding I come to each of you this day, greetings from the highest realms of consciousness. We see that you in a time of huge uncertainty and fear and we come forth today to affirm we are in solidarity with each of you. You will come through this time transformed. This is the shift you have been working towards for many years and each of you chose to be upon the planet at this time. Even the ones who have transitioned to the other side at the hand of the virus chose this juncture to be incarnated and to be a part of this magnificent time in human history. For the departed souls I ask you to thank each of them in your prayers and daily meditation practise for they are a part of this human story of transformation just as each of you are a part of the story. Each person incarnated upon the earth at this time is a part of the story and each person is important.

I call this time magnificent because it is such a huge time of alteration for the planet and one that has been prophesied for hundreds of years, and so the time is now.

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